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Portable Neck Fan™

Portable Neck Fan™

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Stay refreshed and cool during the summer season with our innovative Mini Neck Fan. Equipped with a dual turbo design, this fan generates a natural wind-like effect that swiftly dissipates hot air, providing instant relief on scorching days.


Our Mini Neck Fan features a built-in 360-degree wind engine that promotes air circulation and swiftly cools your head, neck, and skin. Its flexible design allows it to be adjusted to various angles, ensuring a comfortable fit for all neck sizes.

Choose from three adjustable wind speeds—breeze, cool breeze, and strong wind—to suit your preferences for both outdoor and indoor use. With a built-in high-capacity battery, you can enjoy up to 6 hours of usage after a full charge using the included USB cable.

Experience tranquility while staying cool with our Mini Neck Fan. Thanks to advanced noise-canceling technology, this powerful fan operates with minimal noise, enabling you to work or rest peacefully while enjoying the gentle breeze.

• Available in two stylish colors: green and white
• Dimensions: 198 x 197 x 60 mm
• Charging Time: 3 hours
• Makes for a perfect gift for your loved ones.

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